What’s New?

20th October 2017

Support Apple Safari browser (iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra)

It is exciting to announce that 2ConnectMe has been able to run on Safari browsers with features below

  • Desktop Safari (macOS High Sierra) – Text Chat, Voice Call, Video Call, Receive Screen Sharing
  • Mobile Safari (iOS 11) – Text Chat, Voice Call.

Due to known issue in mobile Safari to support Video call, such functions, video call and receive screen sharing, are disabled now. When the issues are fixed by Apple, these functions will be released to 2ConnectMe users again.

Therefore, if you don’t need to share screen with your customer, desktop Safari (macOS High Sierra) is the preferred browser for 2ConnectMe agent as it can handle all the call types from all the browsers including Mobile Safari.


  • Enable ring tone in Safari browser
    • Since Safari, by default, disables the video animation in all the websites, you need to enable it in order to have ring tone alert for customer incoming call. Please open Safari to go to 2connectme.com and then select “Settings for This Website”. From there, you may enable playing video for 2connectme.com website. Please refer to screen below.


Since then, 2ConnectMe is able to support text chat, voice call, video call in all major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari.

Congratulation! Enjoy our 2ConnectMe service for free for lifetime!


Updated on WordPress Plugin – Business Chat Room (ver 1.2.3)

In order to work with Safari browser, it is required to update your WordPress Plugin to ver 1.2.3 accordingly. In this release, a fix is done for the unexpected contact form popup on the Firefox browser.



29th September 2017

The following enhancements have been added to 2ConnectMe Service.


Firefox Screen Sharing function

  • Screen Sharing function is natively supported by FireFox browser WITHOUT browser extension needed. It means a lot to customers. They no longer need to install Chrome Extension (Screen Sharing for 2ConnectMe) for screen sharing function. Even a normal customer with FireFox browser (ver 50 or later) is able to have screen sharing function with your agent in addition to Video and Voice conversations.

Downsizing of Contact Form

  • We have been hearing our users that the contact form is too large to fit in their websites. The contact form has become more slimmed as  shown below.


They are the enhancements of2ConnectMe cloud service . No need to update your WordPress Plugin as long as you have already got the latest update of 2ConectMe WordPress Plugin (Business Chat Room) installed.


21st September 2017

Support Microsoft Edge (ver 40.15063)

Microsoft has started to update Windows 10 (Creator update version). In this Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge browser (ver 40.15063) starts supporting WebRtc. The integration with Microsoft Edge in 2ConnectMe has been verified and completed. An updated version has been rolled out to production. From now onwards, 2ConnectMe services, provision of video, voice and screen share, reaches the users of almost all browsers including Chrome (ver 54 or later), Mozilla Firefox (ver 50 or later) and Microsoft Edge (ver 40.15063). Congratulations to 2ConnectMe. Cheers!




10th August 2017

WordPress Plugin ver 1.2.0 updated and new language Portuguese supported


Support both http and https websites

  • Even your website without https connection, 2ConnectMe WordPress plugin will detect the connection and, if needed, open a new browser to have direct https connection between website visitor and 2ConnectMe server.

New Portuguese Language Supported

  • Besides Chinese Language, a new language Portuguese is supported as well. Thanks our end users for supporting such translation!


3rd August 2017We have been actively enhancing our applications. The following new functions will be put to production service on 4th August.

This is an important critical release such that you have to clear the 2ConnectMe Local Cache and Call Records for it working properly. This can be done through Menu -> Account -> Performance  to go to the screen below. The same applies to Android Mobile Apps – Business Chat Room.


Then, you will enjoy the following new functions and features.


Exchange Files and Photos between Customer and Agent

  • You can enjoy instantly exchanging any files with customers. Communication with customer has become never been efficient before. Below is the screen of a single call record. No limitation on file types. All files are supported. They are all FREE! For those free-tier-accounts, each file is limited to 1M in size.

Improvement on Call Records

  • The Call Records function has been fully re-written. Browsing the customer call history becomes much easier. The COUNTRY of customer about where he comes from is also captured in the call record.  Below is the screen for illustration.


Agent Status

  • Agent status is also rewritten to indicate their online status if they are ready for serving incoming call. The screen below is self-explanatory.


Customer Queue Indicator

  • When there is any customer call waiting for agent to answer, an indicator for Customer Queue is flashing to alert agent of serving customers.


18th July 2017

QR code for Hotline Chat Room

New function to create QR Code for hotline chat room is available now. The size of QR Code can be adjusted upon the slider bar moves on top.

With this QR Code, your business is empowered with a new channel for communication with customer. You may just put such QR code on any advertisement, or even your name card. Then, customer can contact your business by just scanning the QR code.

Such QR code for each chat room is in the Main Menu -> Hotline Chat Room admin.


17th July 2017

New release of 2ConnectMe


New Theme Templates for customer phone.

  • You can customise the contact form to different color for your business needs. Besides, there are templates for you to start with creating any new color theme for your own hotlines chat room.

New UI for Customisation of customer phone


6th July 2017

New release of 2ConnectMe with WordPress plugin ver 1.1

The updated release of 2ConnectMe and WordPress plugin ver 1.1 was put to production service on 7th July. Please take note that you have to re-configure the Contact Form in order to work with this release upgrade. Please find the details of changes as follows.


PopUp form with more functions

  • It provides additional Direct Phone Call and Direct Video Call at initial PopUp. It means website visitors only need a single click the “PopUp” Phone or Voice call button on your landing page to reach your company staff with voice and video communication as needed.

Contact form with new phone and video call buttons

  • With new phone and video call buttons at contact form, website visitors are able to initiate phone call and video call to reach your company staff.


Each hotline chat room comes with independent Contact Form

  • Instead of a single contact form for all the hotlines / chat room, you are provided with a new contact form with independent styles and configured format for each of hotline chat room. That is the reason you have to reconfigure your existing hotline chat room GENERAL, e.g., with a new contact form. (Refer to screen below)

PopUp form with more styles configurable.

  • It provides options to configure each of field of contact form. Also “mandatory” field choice is also configured. (Refer to screen below)

Pre-configure website visitor call types allowed

  • It provides option to configure what call types allowed for website visitors for each of hotline. (Refer to screen in WordPress plugin description below.)


WordPress plugin – Business Chat Room (ver 1.1)


  1. The size of PopUp form is automatically adjusted according to its operation need. No size configuration needed from this release onwards.
  2. Icons are provided for Chat, Phone, Video and Mail with size Large (50×50), Medium (40×40) and small (30×30). You are free to select according to your nature of PopUp form.
  3. Support Popup direct Phone Call and Video Call.


When mouse is not on the 2ConnectMe PopUp screen, it was automatically closed in the past release. With this release, a new button, Close window “-” buttons are provided at the upper right corner of window. Window will not be closed automatically once opened. User will have to click “-” button to close the windows. We believe such changes facilitate users inputing the contact form information.

Installation and configuration


1st July 2017

New release of 2ConnectMe with WordPress plugin ver 1.1

2ConnectMe has been updated to add the following new functions.

1. Improved the new layout of contact Form as follows.


2. Fully customizable contact form including all headers and individual fields.

You may also include your Company Name in the Title text as shown below. This is configured in Admin settings -> Company -> Contact Form Customization 

3. Configure phone buttons available in customer phone for each of hotline chat room. For example, below example shows that the hotline GENERAL only provides phone button and text chat button in the customer phone. This is configured in Admin Settings menu -> Hotline Chat Room.

Business Chat Room (2ConnectMe) WordPress Plugin ver 1.1

1. Support PopUp for Contact Form for Live Chat, Mail for email question, newly added Direct Phone voice call and Direct Video Call.


2. New Icons for Chat, Phone, Video and Mail with different sizes provided for your selection. Figure below show the WordPress configuration screen and 2ConnectMe GENERAL hotline  chat room information. It shows where the GENERAL hotline chat room Url is copied to WordPress configuration settings.

12th June 2017

Support Chinese Language (Traditional and Simplified)

New release for supporting Chinese Language has been put production service today. For customer contact form, the language will be based on browser local language settings to switch automatically. For the language in AgentDesk, it is configured in the Admin menu-> Account -> Language.

Language settings for Agent through “Account -> Language”


Language settings for header texts of customer Contact Form

The header texts are configured in the Admin settings -> Company.The header and sub-header text in the customer’s contact form provides entry for 3 languages, i.e. English, Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified). If there is no text found in Chinese language for header texts, English header texts will be used in the customer contact form.


24th May 2017

Enhanced Contact Form customisations

We are pleased to announce that an enhancements on Contact Form have been put to production service today.

In this release, user is able to customise the contact form as follows.

  1. Customise the header text which can be your company name or welcome greeting.
  2. Customer the top second line with smaller text size below header text which can be your specific greeting to attract customer for questions.
  3. Allow both Chat and Mail question in the same contact form. User may select to have Live Chat or Mail the question or Both. “Mail question” will forward customer questions to your registered email address of 2ConnectMe.
  4. Real Time Preview of Contact Form is provided for any customisations done. The screen below is extracted from Admin Menu -> Company

10th May 2017

WordPress Plugin “Business Chat Room – 2ConnectMe”  Go-Live today

It is excited to announce that WordPress Plugin named “Business Chat Room – 2ConnectMe” is available for download in WordPress Plugin Store now.

This plugin facilitates website designers, those who even not with developer technical skills, to integrate their websites with 2ConnectMe service. The plugin provides website with on-demand pop up with Contact Form for Live Chat whenever mouse click or hover of 2ConnectMe message icon at the home page. It is same as https://www.2connectme.com which is integrated with the same plugin.



29th April 2017

2ConnectMe comes to Android platform (Google Play Store)

It is pleased to announce that 2ConnectMe (Mobile App) is available for download for all countries today. The app is fine tuned to meet requirement of mobile apps, energy saving.

A big step forward to provide great convenience to let you no need sitting in front of PC desktop to handle customer enquiries. With this mobile apps, you are free to “start handling” incoming calls at any place, any time at your convenience.

Secondly, Android Google Play Store Subscription is also supported. This is another payment system in addition to existing Paypal accepted.

In order to be able to receive customer enquiries on your Android phone, please ensure to spend some minutes to go through the tips of usage. Particularly, it needs your Android settings to allow 2ConnectMe “AutoStart” mode. For the details, please refer to FAQ of this website.

Why waiting? Start to download from the link below. Cheers!



1st Feb 2017

New Promotion videos are available for details of 2ConnectMe operation

1. Introduction of 2ConnectMe messaging system


2.  Five Mins Free Tier Account Setup


3. Hotline Administration


4. Installation of Chrome Extension for Share Sharing function



9 Jan 2017

Launch of 2ConnectMe (Desktop)

It is excited to start production service today.

Production site  https://www.2connectme.com

Contact us with Live Chat, Email or Facebook for support here.