Best tools to support remote office staff working from home

With 2ConnectMe platform, service staff is able to have full control on remote client customer PC while having live video chat or even customer away from PC at unattended access mode. It is utmost important tools to provide daily IT support service for remote office staff working from home.

Service staff agent controls remote customer desktop while live chat with video chat

Service staff viewing remote client customer screen

With remote client customer sharing desktop screen, service staff can view her PC screen on mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices. Service staff solving the issue in client customer PC has neven been convenient before.

Service staff agent viewing remote customer desktop (macOS) screen during live chat

Remote control client customer mouse through gestures on iOS and android mobile devices

Through gestures supported on mobile devices, service staff can control mouse of remote client customer desktop PC on his fingers.

Normal mouse operations supported including Left click, Right Click, Mouse move, Vertical scroll, Horizontal scroll, Drag and Drop. Particuarly in iOS devices, Screen Zoom In and Zoom out are also supported.

Gestures supported on iOS / android mobile devices

Remote control client customer keyboard through soft-keyboard on service staff app

Soft-keyboard on service staff app enables direct typing on client customer desktop. It just acts as a local hard keyboard of remote client customer PC.

Soft-keyboard on service staff app enables direct typing on client customer keyboard

Remote control of client customer keyboard mouse

Whenever the service staff mouse pointer is on the region of customer screen being shared, it directly controls the mouse pointer of remote client customer PC.

Whenever the ConnectMe Agent app is in focus on foreground on Windows / macOS, the local keyboard of service staff is directly typing on the remote client customer PC.

Service staff local keyboard mouse controls the remote client customer keyboard mouse

Supports all the mobile and desktop platforms in the market

Whatever your current moible devices or desktop PCs you are using, we have available apps to support you.

Service Staff App

Mobile app: ConnectMe Agent Video app available in App Store @ Apple iOS, Android @ Google play store.

Desktop app: ConnectMe Agent Video chat app avaialbe in App Store @ Apple macOS, Windows @ Microsoft Store.

Browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari on all Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows platform. (Agent Logon URL here)

Client Customer App

Desktop App: ConnectMe Customer app in Apple Store @ Apple macOS, Windows @ Microsoft Store, Unbuntu Linux app here.