Pre-built colorful theme and fully customizable Contact Form can fit any website style and business branding.

Pre-built theme of contact form

Without programming knowledge, any businessman can customise 2ConnectMe service to fit any business through checkbox options in the Settings.

Contact form customisation

Company Name, Logo, Header and Sub-header can all be customizable to fit your business needs.

Every field can be set hidden or mandatory.Every action button, Chat, Email, Voice, Video chat buttons on the Contact Form can be set hidden. This can control your customer what type of communication allowed in the chat.

2ConnectMe service is designed for contact center in large enterprise. Those essential functions such as skillset based routing, agent multi-skillsets chat distribution, last connected agent are all provided.

2ConnectMe multi-media skill based chat distribution

No restriction on agent work place and office hours

With sufficient data bandwidth internet connection, agents can work at any place, e.g. coffee shop, home or even inside your car. Your mutli-sites, multi-countries contact center operation can be up and running immediately.

No office hours settings is needed as the agent starts working as long as 2ConnectMe service is logon.

Customers served by agent with correct skillsets are guaranteed

Agent can be configured with multiple skillsets to handle concurrent chats

Each agent can be assgined with multiple skillsets. The skillset here is equivalent to the name of chat room created, e.g. Sales, Service or General. The skillset (chat room) name can be freely created according to your business and it will start to function immediately.

In public chat rooms, the anonymous chat is distributed to the groups of agents corresponding to their skillsets, e.g. General, Sales, Service. Then, 2ConnectMe will find the idle agent within that group to answer the chat, for example, Service Chat Room for service support and Sales Chat Room for sales product support.

2ConnectMe also provides each agent with a PRIVATE chat room url which distributes the incoming customer chats to this agent only.

Priority of mobile and desktop agent can be configurable in the settings.

Last connected agent is also given higher priorty to connect to the same customer so that customer no need to tell the background of the chats to new agent again.

Free agent from office hour settings. Agent starts to handle chats as long as she logon to 2ConnectMe service.

2ConnectMe prompts visitor to leave email message to agent

2ConnectMe will, by default, forward the customer message to your email address whenever this is no agent. Free you from non-office hour settings.

Each agent can serve concurrent chats & multi-parties conference Chats. The expensive agent resources can be fully utilised.

2ConnectMe agent handles multi-media chats from multiple chat room concurrently

Agent is able to handle multiple chats and conference chats to serve more customer chats concurrently. Using a single 2ConnectMe app, agent is able to handle customers from all channels such as website, offline media, social media or email click to call button.

Each anonymous chat room comes with its own settings such as contact form style and layout, InApp payment pricing scheme and chat distribution method.

Chat room customisation

All the settings and configurations are on a chat room basis. Each chat room comes with its own url, styles and customization. Each can be configured with completely different set of settings, e.g. Contact Form theme, Chat distribution method, InApp payment settings. 2ConnectMe service settings can be modified and become effective on the fly.

Detail Agent Activity Status and Monitoring can be shown in a single view. Proactive measures on agent resources can relieve the contact center traffic peak from visitor long waiting time.

Agent online status dashboard view

Each agent has his own dashboard to illustrate the current status, e.g. chat room assignment, logon status. The contact center manager will have real time view of agent working status and the overall contact center traffic status.

2ConnectMe supports Apple iOS, Android, all major browsers in Windows, Mac and Linux

2ConnectMe supports almot all platforms from mobile Android & iOS to desktop browsers
Android App from Google Play Store
iOS App From
Apple App Store