2ConnectMe lets you have normal whatsapp like chats but with email address as a party identifier

2ConnectMe chat with existing user – WhatsApp like functions

In 2ConnectMe, normal chat function is like whatsapp. Each party must be with 2ConnectMe service activated. The chat reply to the other party can be done at any time later when the party is convenient. Instead of identifying the party by mobile phone number in whatsapp, 2ConnectMe uses an email address as the party identifier. Learn More..

2ConnectMe empowers you with a contact form for anonymous chats

In anonymous chat, the calling party, i.e. the website anonymous visitor, does not know which agent will answer his chat and does not require to install 2ConnectMe app. Instead, it all starts with a CONTACT FORM where the anonymous can click the chat button to ask an agent for assistance.

Not a must to install 2ConnectMe app. 2ConnectMe can work in normal browsers. The anonymous chat has never been such simple before.

No App software installation is needed. Your anonymous friend just click the Url link of your Private Chat Room in the invitation email.  He is able to join the chat with you through a normal Browsers. The anonymous chat with you has never been such easy before.

2ConnectMe cross platforms supported

With all major platforms, desktop PC and Mobility, you are free free to serve anonymous at any time, any place at your convenience.

2ConnectMe uses the advanced algorithm to find a free agent for anonymous chat in no time

During locating the free agent for the anonymous, 2ConnectMe uses the advanced algorithm in selecting a free agent to ensure the chat is answered in no time.

  • higher priority in desktop agent than mobile agent,
  • higher priority in those faster responses to the server request,
  • whatsapp agent.

Never miss any anonymous message – 2ConnectMe forwards anonymous message to your agent email

In case idle agent is unavailable or the anonymous is wating for too long time, 2ConnectMe prompts the option for leaving an email message to your agent. This is ensure your business will not miss any important visitor message.

2ConnectMe classifies the anonymous to ensure only those agents with right knowledge to handle the chats

In 2ConnectMe, chat room is used to classify what service is requested by the anonymous. Whenever an agent is assigned to a chat room, the agent will be distributed with chats from the anonymous waiting in such chat room.

In the Forever Free service plan, a chat room ‘GENERAL’ is created by default and cannot be deleted. With Growing Business service or Entperise service plan, any chat room can be freely created and effective on the fly.

Integration through an unique chat room url WITHOUT programming knowledge needed

Each chat room comes with an unique Url address for the anonymous to ask for a free agent to serve. This chat room Url is the main integration points with the other 3rd party applications such as WordPress, Mailchimp, Youtube, Social Media such as Facebook. The integration is simple and no code and no programming knowledge is required at all.

Effortless creation of “Click To Call” button

With chat room Url address, Click To Call button can be created easily in any website, social media post. Even without 3 party application, chat room Url can be pasted in an email and the reader to click the chat room Url link to ask for idle agent to serve immediately.

Instant anonymous contact channel in email marketing to faciltate instant sales queries

Embedded “Click To Call” buttons in your email marketing campaign. Customers have instant chat channel inside your email to find your company staff (agent) to serve.  Customers are distributed to your company agents instantly.  Email Marketing has become never been such effective before.

NO programming knowledge needed in creating “Click to Call” button in Soical Media and Email

Just paste 2ConnectMe chat room Url to your social media, Facebook, Youtube, or even your personal meeting request. Your customer is able to chat with you instantly through clicking such chat room Url link.

Empower your printing media with anonymous contact channel to faciltate instant sales queries

Print QR code of 2ConnectMe Chat Room Url on offline media, e.g. Newspaper, magazine, or advertisement on Car.  Your customer is able to chat with your company staff with mobile phone scanning the QR Code.