Invite Friend For Chat

When you click “Invite Anonymous Friends” button, you start to invite friend for a chat through email as screen shown below.

Invitation Email Sent

In case of incorrect unreachable email address, 2ConnectMe cannot know it in advance. Therefore, when customers / friends do not receive such invitation in 1 minute, you have to ask customers / friends to check their junk mailbox or the correctness of the email address.

Customers / Friends will receive the following email. When the chat link Url is clicked, it will bring you to connect to an idle agent service staff, who, in this case, is yours, to serve immediately.

Customer Contact Form Looking for Idle Agent

Customer Connecting to Agent In Progress

While customer is waiting for agent to answer the chat, customer can leave email message or activate an alert which 2ConnectMe will send email to customer when agent is idle.

Agent Phone Ringing

When agent answers the chat, agent is able to make voice chat , video chat, text chat and screen share with customer immediately.

Customer Phone

Customer is also able to make voice chat, video chat, text chat and share screen with agent immediately.

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