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Enjoy the following services for FREE for lifetime,

  • Contact Form,
  • Enquiries Distribution (1 hotline chat room only),
  • Enquiries forwarded to Administrator (email) when no agent working,
  • Text Chat with Click-To-Chat support,
  • Voice Call with Click-To-Call support,
  • Video Call with Click-To-Call support,
  • Screen Sharing.
  • A Single Hotline only with default name “GENERAL”
  • A Single Agent (Administrator Account) Only.
  • Customisation on agent greetings.

We hope you are enjoying our free tier support and service. If you want full features and services, e.g. Unlimited Hotlines Chat Rooms, please subscribe our BASIC membership for each of agent to start enjoying such service. We will provide support service and consultation for such advance functions to achieve your business goals.




Free Tier


√   Contact Form

   Automatic Enquiries Distribution

(1 hotline chat room only)

   Automatic  Email Forwarding

    Text Chat,  Click-To-Chat support

     Voice Call, Click-To-Voice call support

     Video Call, Click-To-Video call support

     Screen Sharing

     Customizations on Text Greeting   

X Unlimited hotlines chat rooms

Basic membership

US$ 19.99 / 30 days

US$ 59.99 / 90 days

US$ 119.99 / 180 days

US$ 239.99 / 365 days

√    Contact Form

√    Automatic Enquiries Distribution

(Unlimited hotlines chat rooms)

√    Automatic Email Forwarding

√    Text Chat, Click-To-Chat support

√    Voice Call, Click-To-Voice call support

√    Video Call, Click-To-Video call support

√    Screen Sharing

√   Customizations on Text Chat Greeting

√ Unlimited hotlines chat rooms

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  • Voice Call, Video Call are supported in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers.
  • Screen Sharing is only supported in Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Text Chat are supported in all browsers.
  • The membership subscription is on per user account (agent ID) basis.
  • It is not allowed to use 2ConnnectMe service for illegal activities or involving any pornographic materials.
  • 2ConnectMe will not store any customer payment information locally. We send the payment information to service provider, e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay, PayPal and AliPay directly. 2ConnectMe NEVER expose your payment credit card information to hackers.
  • It is not allowed to resell the service without consent from 2ConnectMe Ltd.
  • Should you have any question in pricing feel free contact our live agent for support.


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