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Myhealthletter.com is created and designed by Dr. Suraj Awadhani. The website will help everyone to know more about medical science and their health ailments.

Dr. Suraj is qualified medical professional and has worked as general practitioner in rural areas of India. Before he started his journey as medical professional he pursued clinical knowledge as an aspirant in well-known hospitals of his district. Being Ayurveda graduate the debate of superiority between Ayurveda and modern medicine was always in his mind. The comparison throughout his career made him to cherish and value the superiority between these two sciences on ailment basis. Later in his career he advanced to more modern medical streams and did post-graduation in ACLS (Advanced cardiac life support), Pharmacovigilance – Clinical Research and drug patents, Drug Regulatory Affairs and MBA.

By means of drafting health letters to anonymous person XYZ, Dr. Suraj intends to sprinkle his clinical experience to grow and nurture your health.


Usage of 2ConnectMe

Besides the contact form pop-up in the home page, 2ConnectMe is also used as a online-platform between patients and doctors. It is utmost important for 2ConnectMe being able to provide the video calls between patient and doctor for immediate checking and diagnosis online.


Why select 2ConnectMe?

What are the advantages of 2ConnectMe over other similar WordPress plugins?

Dr. Suraj Awadhani tried different plugins in WordPress. After his evaluation, he finally selects 2ConnectMe service in his website. Let’s hear what he says about our service.

  • “One can find chat, email, phone call and video call options in one plugin which is not the case in all competitors.”
  • “The plugin is easy to download and starts working immediately. There is absolutely no need of pointing servers or adjusting coding framework.”
  • “One can upload contact form and call to action button on any page of website.”
  • “Customers do not need to download plugin or any other application.”
  • “The plugin supports mobile to mobile, mobile to desktop and mobile to laptop communication.”
  • “One can design contact forms with CSS as per their need.”
  • “The plugin also supports screen sharing and transfer of documents like images, pdf file etc.”
  • “Compared to other available plugins there are many options available with general chatroom.”
  • “Availability of QR codes, mobile application, and immediate support are added values.”
  • “With paid version, more than one chat room to divide your agents in different groups / departments to operate the business.”
  • “There are no disturbing ads or chances of spam. One to one communication is truly safe and private.”