Things to know before Integration with your website

What is relationship between a “Hotline / Chat Room” and a “Click-To-Call” button?

A hotline is a phone number for customer to dial for enquiries, e.g. Sales, Service or Sales. By the same token, in 2ConnectMe,  hotline is an chat room with address url link, a “Click-To-Call” button, for customer to find a free agent staff for assistance.

What is relationship between “Hotline / Chat Room” and “Agent” assignment?

In agent setup, we can configure which hotlines (chat rooms) the agent staff will handle.  2ConnectMe support agent staff handling multiple hotlines.


Integration with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

2ConnectMe provides you the web url link for each of hotlines. You only need to create your own button for “Click-To-Call” with such url link as an action. Such integration is simple and offers the greatest flexibility for all the common Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any others).



Integration with WordPress Plugin (Business Chat Room – 2ConnectMe)

Installation of “Business Chat Room – 2ConnectMe” WordPress Plugin

1. Install “Business Chat Room – 2ConnectMe” plugin through WordPress store or unzip the latest plugins and upload the folder ‘business-chat-room-2connectme’ to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ of your WordPress directory.

2. Activate the plugin through ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress (Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Activate “Business Chat Room – 2ConnectMe”) [Click Activate]


Open New Account in 2ConnectMe and copy code snippet

3. Open New Account in 2ConnectMe here – Only takes you less than 5 mins to complete.

4. Copy code snippet for either “Contact Form”,  “Phone / Voice”, or “Video” of “GENERAL” hotline for WordPress in 2ConnectMe and Paste in WordPress Plugin.


6. Complete Installation


7. Customization of Contact Form


Example Use Case

The example below illustrates a real use case for how to setup 2ConnectMe for multiple hotlines (chat room) to support Service team, Sales team and General enquiries team with languages English and Chinese

I want to setup the following hotlines (chat rooms)

  • Service team,
  • Sales team,
  • General Enquiry team.

Since the customer is coming from around the globe. I need to divide the customer call by languages as well,

  • English,
  • Chinese

and my teams will also be divided into English and Chinese team for each of the hotline (chat room).

How should I setup such configuration in 2ConnectMe?


Suggested Solutions

Step 1: To create 6 hotlines (chat rooms) with names below below.

Detail steps are here.


After creation, it will contain the above 6 hotlines (chat room) in Hotline Admin.

** Tips: The name of hotline (chat room) should be as short as possible. Partial name may be displayed in 2ConnectMe Agent Phone due to limited size in screen, particularly in mobile devices. For illustration purpose, the above examples are with such long name. 



Step 2: Assign the hotlines (chat rooms) to each of agent according to his own skill sets. Go to Account settings and check the hotlines required to handle. Then, check “I’m not a robot” and click “Update Profile”. For example, the agent below is assigned with hotline “GENERAL_CHINESE” and “SALES_ENGLISH”.



Step 3: Put the “Access Link”, an url link, of corresponding hotlines (chat room) to your website. Please note that you may want to put url link under your own custom “Click-To-Call” button. The “Access Link” information is in Hotline Admin as shown below.



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